Bring an existing loan to plej

If you have an existing loan arrangement that you’d like to bring to plej, we can help!

You can access all the great features of plej to streamline and ease the ongoing management of your loan by transferring it to our service.

Note down the  Loan Amount that is remaining to be paid for the loan.
Decide and note down the remaining  Term (in months) to completion, that is, how long until you want it fully repaid.
Decide on the  Loan Type for the remainder of the loan. You can choose Principal and Interest, Principal Only (no interest), or  Interest Only. See Loan types in plej if you need help to decide which loan type is right for you.
Go to the dashboard of plej.
Click ‘ New loan‘.
Enter the Loan Amount, Term, and Loan Type that you noted above.
Proceed with the rest of the loan setup by following the on-screen instructions.